What Type of Primary Care Appointment is right for you?

Southwest Medical is proud to offer its patients multiple points of care.  What that means is depending on your current situation, you can choose to access care through an E-visit, convenient care clinic, health care center or shared medical appointment. You have several options to choose from regarding the type of Primary Care Appointment that you need:

Health Care Center
Our health care centers are traditional medical offices providing comprehensive services, located conveniently throughout the Las Vegas Valley and Pahrump to better serve you. Many also have onsite laboratory and radiology services. Find a Health Care Center near you. 

Convenient Care Clinics
Southwest Medical’s Convenient Care walk-in clinics go beyond flu shots and strep tests. We care for most minor injuries and illnesses—just like at a doctor's office. Of course, we also provide health screenings, preventive care and patient education. 
No insurance needed. No appointment needed. 
Visit one of our seven Convenient Care walk-in clinic locations. Find a Convenient Care Clinic near you.

Shared Medical Appointment
This new appointment option allows our providers and health care teams to spend an extended amount of time focusing on you. A Shared Medical Appointment is an innovative way to see a provider.  Your appointment is “shared” with other patients experiencing similar health conditions.  Longer than a standard provider appointment, it gives you the opportunity to discuss your concerns and get assistance in a group setting. Available for individuals of all ages and health care needs, shared medical appointments offer several advantages compared to regular office visits, such as more time for a Southwest Medical provider to get to know you better and discuss your health care needs, face to face. One of the greatest advantages of a shared medical appointment is the support that comes from a well-coordinated team of health care professionals, as well as other patients who are participating with similar medical issues.

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