Palliative Care. Bring Comfort Home.

Woman with nursesFinding the right care at the right time is vital for anyone dealing with a life-changing illness. It is the mission of the Palliative Care team at Southwest Medical Associates to provide compassionate, individualized care services to patients and their families.

Palliative Care specializes in providing patients with relief from the pain, symptoms, and stress of a serious illness, no matter the diagnosis. It can be provided at any stage of an illness, alongside curative treatment. It also serves as support for family, working together to address the tough questions and issues that may arise among families, patients, and physicians regarding goals of care. Our Palliative Care team strives to improve quality of life for both the patient and the family through a caring approach that includes:

  • Identifying goals of care
  • Maximizing benefits to physicians, patients, and families
  • Minimizing physical and emotional symptoms
  • Allowing for curative and life-prolonging care treatment if desired

Your Palliative Care team is here to offer medical and emotional support for patients facing serious illness. To learn more about the process and determine if Palliative Care is right for you and your loved one, click on the buttons below, or call 702.671.1111.


Advance Directives

Advance Directives is a written statement of your wishes regarding your future health care decisions. Learn more about Advance Directives and why it's so important, as well as free seminars available to you. 

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