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Being the healthiest you can be is not always an easy task.  From exercising to eating the right foods, you can be overwhelmed with making the right decisions.

At Southwest Medical, we know that balancing a busy lifestyle with a healthy lifestyle is challenging.

Here are some quick tips to help you reach your health goals:

  1. Talk to your primary care provider.  He/she knows your medical history and can help you make the right choices for you and your health.  This is especially important for those patients that are undergoing treatment or have a chronic condition.  You want to make sure the decisions you’re making in your diet and day-to-day activities will improve your health, not hurt it.

  2. Get your preventive care done on time, every time.  Consider having a “preventive health month.”  So, each year, you know that your annual physical, preventive exams, such as mammograms or blood tests, are in the same month.  It’s easier to remember and helps you dedicate time to getting these important tests and exams done.

  3. Look into the many health education classes available to you through the Health Education and Wellness Division of Health Plan of Nevada/Sierra Health and Life. 
    Find a Health Education Class
    You can also call 702.877.5356 for information on classes, consultations and programs that may help you reach your goals.  Some topics are:
    • Stop smoking
    • Weight management
    • Healthy nutrition
    • Grocery shopping tour/tips
    • Pregnancy

Of course, there are also several reliable resources available to help you along the way.  Ask your primary care provider what websites or books might be a good idea for you to review.

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